Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Update

Whelp. Good news! Two months in a row now! I have forgotten how much PMS can make you feel like a crazy person. Cravings, sore boobs, bloated, fatigue, acne, grouchiness, emotional, the whole nine yards. Yep. It's back. All of it! TWO MONTHS IN A ROW! WITHOUT BIRTH CONTROL!

To be honest, I STILL haven't been taking the Insulite System as consistently as they recommend, in fact last week I think I only took one set of pills for the whole week. I don't know how or why my body has just decided to start functioning normally again but I welcome it! Maybe it just needed the added boost of vitamins and supplements these pills offered. I plan on continuing to take it and to try to be more consistent with it as I am sure it will help me to handle PMS better.

I haven't really been watching my diet very closely at all the past few months either. The sugar intake is definitely a problem. I've got to find a way to get myself to eat much less of it again. I don't know if this is how it is for anyone else, but usually the week before my period I am super snacky and have intense cravings for specific things. Like candy, pizza, ice cream, Chinese, etc. And then like 2 days into my period suddenly the cravings are gone and I want veggies and fresh food again.

One of the annoying things I am dealing with right now is the acne. It comes and goes, but when it comes it is awful. Maybe it is one of those things that has to get worse before it can get better, I am not sure. I hope it gets better!

My husband and I have been trying to be better about getting some exercise a couple days a week together and that has been really nice! We missed last week, but we did help some friends move... if that counts?

That's the update, and I'm feeling pretty good about it! :)