Friday, January 17, 2014

Insulite Labs Week 1

I've been taking the Insulite pills for a week now, and here is what little I have found:

I started to break out a little around my mouth and chin, which are typical spots to break out when your hormones are imbalanced. It wasn't bad, but it was more than normal.

My cravings for carbs has gone down and sugar has gone down a little bit. I still want them but it doesn't feel like a NEEEEED!

I was exhaustively tired all week. I think today was the first day it felt just a tad easier to peel myself out of bed. (Also, I hate mornings. It has always been hard for me to get up, so this is not a huge surprise!) My motivation and energy levels were definitely down though.

It has been easier than I thought to take 18 pills a day. Plus I drink more water! The first two days I read the pills wrong and had only taken half of what I was supposed to, and then yesterday I forgot to take part of them. The main thing is just making it a priority and a habit I think.

I think those were the main things that happened, and I haven't weighed myself yet to see if I have gained or lost any weight, but I am not as worried about that as I am about balancing hormones. There were also other factors that could have played in to create these side effects as well: school started, got less sleep, haven't been exercising like I need to. I admit this last week I was a bit unfocused on my health as other things have started up and have taken precedence over exercise... but now that the first week of school is over I should be able to settle down and get into a better routine again.

Do I feel like it is working? Not really yet, but it has also only been a week! The website says that most people typically start to notice things near the end of the first month, but most of the changes happen between 6-12 months. It also noted that if it has been awhile since your last period, you may experience weight gain and other PMS symptoms at first. Its hard to say within just one week if what is happening is supposed to happen or not! I imagine that since it probably took awhile for the hormones to become unbalanced that it will take awhile to get them back where they need to be. I am not expecting instant results! I'll probably update again at the end of the month, unless something significant happens.

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