Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Insulite Labs: Month 1

I have been on the PCOS Insulite Labs system for a little over a month now! So, first off I need to tell you that in the last two weeks I haven't been taking it as consistently as I was.... I know... :( But I am trying harder to remember again and I put reminders on my phone. The main thing is just remembering to take them, especially the ones in between meals. Weekends are also a bit more difficult to remember because I'm not in my normal routine. But here are some things I have experienced throughout this month:

WHEN I am consistent with it, my cravings for carbs and sugar go way down. If I forgot to take them, those cravings came back and it takes a few days of being consistent before the cravings subside again. I am a lover of sweets! But I noticed that if I did have sweets, it tasted a lot sweeter than usual and I didn't want as much as I usually do.

My cravings for carbs have definitely gone down, but I admit I am finding it difficult to take the time to find things to replace them. One thing I have started doing though is using shredded zucchini in place of pasta, and it is actually really good! I think a big help is to plan your meals ahead of time, which I am horrible at. I have plans to start doing that... soon.

In the first few weeks I felt way more exhausted than usual, but once I started forcing myself to the gym I felt more energy. I haven't lost weight yet, but I am not too concerned about that for now. I also haven't had my period yet, but I have noticed some PMS symptoms. Something is going on down there and I will get cramps, back-aches, and moody once in awhile. I am not sure how much all of that ties into my hormonal issues and if it is good or bad at this point! My intuition tells me it is good though! :)

A part of this that I have not dealt with head on yet is my emotional eating. I know that is going to hinder me if I don't try to sort it out. I know that that is a big part of why I reach for comfort foods. I am not sure yet if I am using food to comfort me (because it really doesn't in the long run!) or if I am using it to numb emotions I don't want to feel. I am not even sure how to start conquering this. I have begun to recognize those moments when I think I need something sweet that most of the time there is something bothering me, and it usually happens when I am alone and feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with myself or other people. That is about as far as I have gotten so far.

So there it is! That is my update for month 1! I am looking forward to month 2!

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