Monday, May 4, 2015

Starting Over

I have been kicking myself for the last year. I have known better, and still I have let myself gain weight. I can make excuses - I have a sit down job, I commute almost 2 hours every day, I am in graduate school and have to keep myself awake in my late classes somehow, and it's hard to fit exercise in. I ended up purchasing the 21 day Fix program, and I did really great for the first week and a few days. Then my drive failed, and life got busy, and I kept finding excuses to put it off. No matter how determined I feel, it gets hard. When the scale doesn't budge, or there are cupcakes on my counter. When squeezing in a work out takes more effort than actually doing the workout, it gets hard. I continually need to recommit myself, over and over. I continually need to remember that I have done this before. I remember how hard it was, but I also remember how great it was when I achieved success in weight loss. I can do this again. You can do this. Can we do it together?

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